Beacon Registration Requirements Information
NOTE: For security reasons, the online registration form expires after 30 minutes. To streamline the registration process, please gather all the information that is needed to complete the required fields before you begin the online registration process. You cannot save partial registrations.

Beacon Registration Required Fields

Beacon Information

Beacon ID (you will find this number ON the beacon; it can be called a "UIN" or "Hex ID" or "15 Hex ID" or "15-digit Hex ID")
Beacon manufacturer name
Beacon model number

Owner/Operator Information

Owner name and mailing address (you will receive a hardcopy of your registration & your beacon decal at this address)
Owner phone number and type (e.g., home, cell, work)—at least one phone number must be entered

Vessel/Aircraft/Usage Information

Usage: select commercial, non-commercial, government military, or government non-military (pull-down list)
EPIRBs Only: Vessel name, color, length, capacity (crew & passengers), number of lifeboats and/or life rafts (enter 0 if none), home port (marina/dock name, city, & state)
ELTs Only: Tail number, aircraft manufacturer, model, color, seating capacity, principal airport (name, city, & state)

Emergency Contact Information

At least ONE emergency contact name, phone number, & phone number type (home, cell, work) must be provided as a Primary 24-hour Emergency Contact.
IMPORTANT: Do NOT repeat the Owner/Operator information in this section. SAR forces may reach out to your emergency contacts when beacon activation occurs, so please provide information for individuals who usually know your travel plans but do not accompany you.

Beacon Registration Non-Required Fields

The information below (described by beacon type) can be entered in your beacon registration, but is not required. If you would like to enter NON-REQUIRED information that is not available to you during initial registration, you may update your completed registration online at any time to enter that information.


Serial Number
Aircraft Type (selectable from a list)
Radio Equipment (selectable from a list)
Survival Equipment (enter description and quantity for deployable or fixed survival equipment)
Additional Data is a text field in which you can enter flight plan information


Serial Number
Question regarding Simplified Voyage Data Recorder (select yes or no)
Radio Equipment (selectable from a list)
Vessel Telephone Numbers: radio call sign, vessel cellular, MMSI number, Inmarsat (satellite phone) number
Federal/State Registration Number
Additional Data is a text field in which you can enter float plan information


Serial Number
Specific usage (selectable from a list)
Type for vehicle or vessel (selectable from a list)
Additional Data is a text field in which you can enter hike plan information if using on land, and vessel or aircraft information if using in water or air (name, color, identifying marks, float or flight plans)